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Explore the city embraced by mountains

Explore the city embraced by mountains!

Take a step and discover the famous mining history of the royal middle age city or the busy  streets of a modern city. Enjoy the magical atmosphere of the colourful streets, uncover the secrets of the courtyards and treat yourself with some of the local specialties. Warm welcome and unforgettable experiences await you.

Our city with a heart waits for you!

Uncover secrets of the town with a rich royal history!

The history of Banska Bystrica is very closely linked to the mining of precious metals – especially silver and copper. The village of Bystrica gained significance through the rich mineral resources and in 1255 was given privileges by Ugrian King Belo IV and Banska Bystrica became a town. The 15th and 16th century is considered to be “The Golden era” of the Banska Bystrica's history mainly because of the successful Thurzo-Fugger Copper company. Thanks to which Banska Bystrica earned the title "copper". The historical centre of the city was declared as a Historic Preservation Site in 1955 and is decorated with many architectural treasures from the copper mining era. The finishing touches of the present look are completed by monuments from the modern history of Banska Bystrica. This is linked particularly to the Slovak National Uprising in 1944, evidence of which is represented by the Slovak National Uprising Memorial and Museum.