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Fall in love with one of the oldest sports in a modern history

A project called CYCLOBB has been created for all cycling fans as well as for those who only wish to begin. We believe that our project will become inspiration and motivation during your planning of cycling tours in Banská Bystrica and its surroundings.

Our aim is to promote the town under the Urpin hill and its attractiveness it has to offer in cycling area. The nature there is simply worth seeing during your cycle tour. Thanks to bike lovers new cycling routes happen to arise. We hope that in the future it will be you – the cycling lovers, who will help us with the webpage creation. Therefore all of your comments and remarks are more than welcome.

We have already documented 13 cycling routes in the northeast of Banska Bystrica (Sturec, Harmanec, Donovaly, etc.). We plan to focus on routes near Kraliky, Kordiky, Riecka, Tajov and Malachov next year. Those of you who are interested could apply even today. J

The majority of recommended cycling routes are marked in our interactive map as well as official cycling maps. Some of the cycling routes are adjusted to bikers whose ride begins in Banská Bystrica or are using the cyclobus.

Jakub Gajdošík – author of the project, member of the local Town Council, Chairman of the Committee for Transport and Security


It is the cycling division working in Banska Bystrica and its surroundings. It was established in 2000, originally as CK Cerveny Rak Banska Bystrica and its members are bikers of various age. Many of them achieved significant result at worldwide races and marathons. The number of our members is constantly growing we hope to be capable of providing help to our members in their sport enthusiasm.

OCI BB is a group of cycling supporters whose aim is the environment protection and environmental friendly transport development in Banska Bystrica and its'region. The Initiative was founded in 2005, firstly as a group of volunteers and become the civil association in 2010. The main goal of the Initiative is to support non-motorized transport in Banska Bystrica, designing o the cyclo routes and monitoring funding opportunities to develop a local tourism. The Initiative would like to provide information on recent development in the region, actual sport and cultural events, ongoing projects, expositions and construction activities. The general partner of the Initiative is The City of Banska Bystrica, similar organizations, volunteers and wide public. We would be glad to welcome you among us.

With the summer arrival, the bikers from the city look orward to a cyclobus again. During the weekends and holidays it will be running from Banska Bystrica to surrounding area wher over 240km of marked cycling routes can be found. The fans of cycling can use this mean of transport from June 8th till beginning o the October.

The supporters of cycling can use services of the cyclobua from Strieborne namestie to three different routes. The first one will take you to Maly Sturec with a number of touristic paths. The second will take you to Donovaly and the third one to Sachticky.