Summer in Banská Bystrica

Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere of our picturesque city!

History of Banská Bystrica

Bystrica settlement became more and more important due to mineral resources and in 1255 the Charter of Belo IV., king of Hungary, conferred city status on Bystrica and granted extensive privileges to the community. The 15th and 16th centuries are considered to be a “golden age” in the history of Banská Bystrica. It was the time, when the Thurzo-Fugger Copper Company successfully operated here and Bystrica got an attribute “Copper city”. Historic centre of Banská Bystrica consists of many architectural gems from that period. The modern history of the city is connected first of all with Slovak National Uprising in 1944 and commemorative monuments Slovak National Uprising Memorial and Museum.

What to do / see / where to go:
Guided tour of Banská Bystrica
Banská Bystrica Information centre
Nám. SNP 1, Banská Bystrica
048/415 5085, 0907 846 555

Hron river rafting

Have great fun with a pinch of adrenaline while rafting on the Hron River. Boat house Mlynčok in Slovenská Ľupča provides Hron River Rafting including hire and transport of equipment and boats.


A well-developed and marked hiking trail network with hiking trails suitable for families with children, for beginners but also for experienced tourists you can discover in the mountains Kremnické vrchy, Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras) or in Veľká Fatra.

Marked hiking trails:
BB (train station “Banská Bystrica-mesto”) / Observatory on Vartovka hill / BB (Podryba) – 5 km
BB (street Pieninská ulica) / Panský diel hill / Šachtičky / Špania Dolina – 7 km
Staré Hory / Majerova skala / Pod Líškou / Krížna – 7 km
Harmanec / Veľký tunel / Nad Túfnou / Košarisko / Kráľova studňa – 10 km
Špania Dolina / Šachtičky / Pod Jelenskou skalou / Bully / Donovaly – 13 km

Cycle tourism

For those who prefer active rest offers the surrounding of Banská Bystrica hundreds of kilometres of bicycle trails. From June to September a special shuttle Bike Bus takes you to popular cycling destinations. Bus service operates on weekends and public holidays.


Open air swimming pool Aqualand in Banská Bystrica offers pools for swimmers but also for children as well as numerous attractions: water slides, beach volleyball, mini golf, table tennis, boating and water cycling on the lake. You can also refresh yourself at the swimming pool in nearby village Kováčová.

Horse riding

You can learn everything about horses and riding on the small family farms or ranches and you will appreciate your knowledge at horseback riding through beautiful country.

Špania Dolina

The picturesque former mining village was declared Reservation of Folk Architecture. The village is dominated by Early Gothic Transfiguration of our Lord Church, dating back to the year 1254. On the square you will see the most important mining monument – the Klopačka building from the 16th century, which houses currently the Museum of Laces and the historical building of former mining administration (presently municipal office), which houses our Copper Mining Museum.

The „Articular” Wooden Church in Hronsek

dates back to the years 1725 – 1726 and was built entirely from wood without using a single iron nail. The building and grounds of the wooden articular church together with belfry are registered in UNESCO´s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Harmanecká jaskyňa cave

is one of the most beautiful caves in Slovakia, the cave is known by abundant occurrence of white soft sinter, creating beautiful flowstone waterfalls, draperies and sinter lakes.